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Ultra Odors Gone is a semi-solid odor/fume eliminator. It does not mask or cover up odors, but actually draws odors out of walls, furniture, carpeting, ceilings, curtains, or any surface. It neutralizes airborne odors, stinks, and smells when placed in air conditioning, heating, ventilation systems or just set in a room. It will also eliminate slime problems by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew.
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Where to Use Ultra Odors Gone

Ultra Odors Gone has proven it’s usefulness in the following areas:


Basements, crawl spaces, heating and air conditioning systems, cigar cigarette and pipe smoke, mildew, pets, closets, storage areas, smoke, fire damage smells, cooking odors, paint, fuel, spills, diaper pails, cars, motor homes, trucks, vans, RV’s, yachts, air planes. 


Hotels, Motels, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, print shops, pet shops, vbets, kennels, nursing homes, hospitals, casino’s, doctor offices, clinics, smoking areas, offices, cleaning companies, answering services, realtors and property management.


Sewer disposal and treatment plants, machine shops, chemical plants, other manufacturing facilities.

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