Patient Care Facilities

ULTRA ODORS GONE does not mask or replace odors but actually eliminates odors without leaving a perfumed scent in the air.

Use ULTRA ODORS GONE "between patients" as well as for patients with continuous odor production. ULTRA ODORS GONE absorbs odors as they occur. 

Instructions for Use

ULTRA ODORS GONE Spray can be used for acute odors as they occur. This product may be applied directly to any odor source. Spray available in 16 oz, one gallon, and 55 gallon drums.

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For transient odors: Use ULTRA ODORS GONE Spray. Spray non-toxic, unscented ULTRA ODORS GONE Spray to eliminate foul airborne odors safely and quickly. The spray may also be applied directly to any odor source. For continuing odors, use semi-solid ULTRA ODORS GONE product.

For rooms regulated by central heating and air conditioning systems use the
ULTRA ODORS GONE Semi-solid Products:

Large, X-Large, or Super X-Large containers are recommended for this application.


Place ODOR GONE near odor source. Turn container upside down on lid, remove bottom or container. Set out for 48-72 hours then replace lid only covering half of the product in the container.

*ODOR GONE can be placed under beds. The ODOR GONE block is often used in nursing home rooms in a canister.

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