How It Works

Ultra Odors Gone is a solid, paste-gel product that employs absorption. It functions in a manner similar to "fly paper" absorbing media.

The product is capable of attracting, sticking, adsorbing and neutralizing many common air contaminates. The indoor air pollution gaseous and odorant particles are attracted to the surface of the product, trapped by it's stickiness then neutralized by either physical or chemical action.

The product could be said to provide some of the principals of filters and air scrubbers since impingement, entrapment and removal of pollutants are involved.

Ultra Odors Gone has been exremely successful in the neutralization , absorption and elimination of odor.  Odor Gone does not mask or cover up/replace odors but actually eliminates odors.  It converts odors and gases into non- toxic, non-odorous compounds.  It removes odors safely, easily and effectively.  Ultra Odors Gone is basically odorless.  It is non-toxic to animals and humans.

Ultra Odors Gone has been used in ten's of thousands of homes, businesses and industries throughout America and other countries.

We find that at least ninety percent of the population has a need and desire to remove unwanted odors.  Ultra Odors Gone's customer satisfaction is near 100% when used according to instructions. It really works!

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